• What is Sky?

    Sky is a collaborative platform saas (software as a service). It was designed for high-performing teams at any size company. It has many uses (for marketing and product teams): as a brand management tool, managing/setting strategic and creative thinking.

  • Who is Promontory Brands?

    We are agency and client experienced marketers who have a passion for great work. We created a new kind of company to help progressive leaders create purpose-led marketing. We named ourselves Promontory because it’s an elevated place that provides clear and broad perspectives. We believe this is what marketers need in order to lead the creation of high impact work. We believe you need a view from above because without a total picture of every project, from strategy to creative ideation it’s hard for everyone to be on the same page. And if everyone in your team is not connected to the decisions, strategies and work, how are you all moving towards the same outcome? We believe the view from the Promontory is a great way to start that journey. Visit our site here: Promontory Brands

  • Sky's Manifesto: Make Every Team Superpowerful

    All great work shares a common bond – talented individuals coming together as a superpowerful team. How can we make every team superpowerful in the agile age? Let’s start by putting the work, strategies, conversation and ideas in one place. And let’s do it in a way that brings humanity back to the way we work. Welcome to Sky. Sky is the first all-in-one platform designed for marketers by marketers. It’s where strategists, creators, and activators unite to do their best work; where they become the magic behind every great success: from transformative marketing campaigns, to extraordinary briefs to winning pitches. We know there’s amazing talent in your organization. Teams with the potential to take your business to the next level. Let’s make them superpowerful. Let’s get them on Sky.

  • How Do I Sign Up?

    We are excited you are interested in a trial. We are in Beta right now, which means we are taking select clients/agencies and working through any issues that may pop up during this trial period. Please email us (in the contact page) and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get you in the queue!

  • What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

    We’ll be accepting payment via credit card in the near future, but for now, invoicing will be done at our headquarters, on a monthly basis (or if you’ve chosen the annual plan – with a discount, annually).

  • What is a Project?

    A project consists of: a deck, a set of boards, an activity feed. Click on the New Project tab. You can select whether you want to start with a Deck or Boards. A field will pop up for both naming of your project, a date (optional) and whether you would like to make a template (this allows you to replicate this document to use at another time). The deck works like a presentation document with the option to add images, documents, text, video. The Boards, Team and Activity Feed. Boards allow you to upload images, concepts, documents and have discussions around them. You’ll be able to use ideation boards with your co-workers, clients, agencies for inspiration, drilling down deeper into an idea, etc… Any conversations you have within the deck, will be collected in the activity feed for reference.

  • How do I build a new project?

    From the New Project tab in the main navigation, input the details of your project. Give your project a name, a due date, and select whether to use this project as a template for future projects. All of these options can be edited later in the project Details tab of each project. Once you have created the name, you can begin to build a new brief by added new pages.

  • How do I add new pages to a project?

    Hover on the bottom of the first page and a + will appear. Click on the + sign. It will bring up a set up templates, choose from one of these and it will automatically fold into your project.

  • How do I add an entire document (keynote or PPT) that I've already created, but I want to put into the deck?

    We are working on automating this. But for now, there is a manual way to add a document (keynote or PPT) that you’ve created elsewhere – meaning you don’t want to create it in Sky. The fastest way to do this:

    1) On your desktop, click on your PPT or Keynote and export it to a jpeg. If you have multiple pages, it will turn into a jpeg file.

    2) Then, create a project board and import this file into a board (your pages will look like pictures).

    3) Go to your Sky deck and with the “+” add a new template page (select the first one, which is for an image).

    4) Upload the page that you just added to the board, but clicking on the “picture” image on the right of your deck page and it will offer you: my drawer, project drawer, company drawer. Select Project drawer and your set of pics you just added to the project board will show up, you can select which pic of your PPT/Keynote deck page you want to put into sky and click select. It will load in like a picture. Do this again until all of your images from your Keynote/PPT are inserted. These are not editable because they are pics, but they can be augmented by adding a page in Sky (‘+’) to create a new page.

  • How do I add an image?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the right hand rail. Click on the image icon on right side and it will prompt you to download an image from your desktop or your drawer. If you don’t have an image of your own, we suggest using free sites like Unsplash to pick beautiful HD photos.

  • How do I add a document?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the right hand rail. From the list of tools that appear to the right of the section, click on the paperclip icon. From the file selection prompt that opens, select a document to add from your drawer or your desktop. While the file selection prompt is open, you can also drag and drop files directly into the browser window.

  • Chat and notifications: How do I start a conversation with a teammate?

    There are two ways to chat with others.

    Deck: Drop a comment by clicking on the comment button on the left of your deck. Drop it anywhere that is contextual to your comment. Type “@” and a team list will pop up. Click on the name you want and write a comment and hit sent. They will receive a notification in the upper right corner of Sky (a Bell) and they can respond directly back to you in seconds. If they don’t look at the notice quickly, they will be sent an email and they can respond to you then.

    Boards: The same goes true for any board (see above).

  • How do I reorder my pages in the project?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the right hand rail. Click on the right (carrot) arrows (either up or down) and the page you are currently on will move either forward or backwards depending on the button you selected.

  • How do I delete a page in my project?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the right hand rail. Click on the trash can icon and your page will disappear. But first it will prompt ask if you’re sure you want to delete it.

  • How do I invite a new user?

    Your administrator is the only one who has rights to add a new user. Send an email to them requesting to add a new user.

  • How do I invite a person to edit in the project?

    Click on the Team tab inside the current project. In the text field add a person’s email and hit send. They will receive and email asking them to join your project. You can decide what their will be in your deck – either an editor (which will give them permission to add documents, edit text, etc…) or as a reviewer (which gives them the permission to read and make comments).

  • How do I delete an entire project?

    Under the tab called project settings, click on the trash can icon in the top right corner. It will prompt you to delete the project.

  • How do I add a link to the drawer?

    Click on a new drawer tile. Once in that board, click on a link or image icon and it will prompt you to pull from your desktop.

  • How do I add a board?

    Click on the new board tile. Once in that board, click on either a link or an image icon and it will prompt you to pull from your desktop.

  • How do I insert a video?

    Click on a new template that has a video icon (this is currently the very last template section). Currently, our site only accepts videos from Youtube. Cut and paste a Youtube link in the box and the video will render. If you need other video types, insert them as a file.

  • Can I take my boards and put them into a new brief?

    In our current development stage, you cannot move boards from one brief to another. We did this so that the boards feel like a workplace (work in progress) place for your team. We may in the future make changes to this?

  • Can I change the name of a brief to another name?

    Yes, you can. Click on the title and change the name.

  • I need help! Who can I call?

    Help is on the way! help@promontorybrands.com

  • Feedback: Does my opinion matter?

    Absolutely! We need and want your feedback – good and bad. We can’t get better unless you help us. Click on the Contact Us and in the pull down menu use ‘General Inquiry’ for your subject. Thank You!

  • Does Sky play nicely with other tools?

    You read our minds. We’re working on it. Let us know which tools you would like Sky to integrate with, we’ll put it on the to-do list.

  • Why do I get a 404 when I log into the site?

    A 404 refers to an error. Try hitting your refresh button to get back to the home screen. If that doesn’t work, there may be something wrong with your connection to the internet (spinning circle) and you may have to come back when you have a better connection. If that still fails, go into your browser preferences and delete caches for images and then reset your browser. If that still doesn’t help, you can always email us: help@promontorybrands.com

  • How do I save a brief version?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the left hand rail. Click on the floppy disk image (old school, we know) and hit save. It will prompt you – “are you sure?” Title it, hit save and it will save your version. To check this, click on the see versions icon (an arrow) and it will display the version save in past history.

  • How do I drop a dot?

    Hover over any section in a deck to reveal the deck and section edit tools on the left hand rail. To drop a comment on any slide, click on the comment icon. If you have added team members to your document, when you type @ (list of your team members will pop up). This will allow you to chat directly with them. They will receive a notification and it will allow them to see your message immediately. If they are not in Sky at the moment, they will get an email notification in a few minutes. To disable these emails, go to account settings and de-select the email notifications.


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